MultiSelect by CX Builders is a workspace Add-In for Oracle Service Cloud, which allows users to select multiple items from a menu.


Three different views; select Dropdown or Listview depending on the number of items and the available space in the workspace. Use the Standard Hierarchy view to display Categories, Products or Dispositions, including product linking possibility.


Blends in perfectly with other controls in Service Cloud and its User Experience is highly optimised, both for mouse and keyboard usage. Search field is available for DropDown & Standard Hierarchy views.


MultiSelect adheres fully to the standard way of storing many to many relations in Service Cloud. This ensures that data stored using MultiSelect will always be compatible with other controls.

Video & Screenshots

Listview and Dropdown

Reporting example

Validation error

Workspace Designer

Using Custom Objects

Standard Hierarchy field


Download MultiSelect below, use the Manual and Assets to set up MultiSelect.

Site Assets

Sample Custom Objects and Reports. Use this example to set MultiSelect up and allow multiple types to be selected for Organizations.


How to install and use MultiSelect


Contact us if you want a demo setup on your site